Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Billboard Dance Music Summit

While Promotion Art Director for Billboard Magazine, I had the privilege of designing numerous ad campaigns and marketing brochures for trade conferences. One of the most successful solutions was this design using clip art from a vintage stock photo collection. The result was a kitchy, retro image of the happy housewife kicking her heels up for joy. Accompanied with unusual objects such as rubber ducks, planets, fried eggs, kittens and toast, the resulting message was fun, appealing, and evocative of an "out-of-this-world" experience at the Billboard Dance Music Summit.
Every Billboard Ad had to have an annoying coupon for mailing (during 1994 -1997 readers were not accustomed to finding all their needs answered via the internet - which I suppose shows how fast the web has grown in sophistication as well as an industry since then - only 11 years ago!), and every brochure was a self-mailer, eliminating envelope cost and handling time.

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