Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cablevision: Optimum Jungle

New storyboards for Cablevision's "Optimum Triple Play" commercial concept. This one is an Indiana Jones send-up, starring the Cablevision rapper. Each treasure he finds corresponds to an Optimum feature - widescreen TV with remote, wireless phone and laptop. As the commercial closes, the three devices are treasures in an exhibit hall. We were careful not to show any ancient references in the final frame - Optimum is cutting edge tech and the electronics look shiny, speaking to the value of the product.

Cablevision: Optimum Genie

This concept has the Cablevision rapper appearing as a genie in the urban landscape of the Bronx. In tough times, Optimum Triple Play delivers the customer low prices, fast download speeds, unlimited phone minutes, and quality broadcast service.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This double page spread was designed to be a template for the rotating Spotlight editorials that Billboard needed to sell ads for. The concept allowed readers to see the weekly Spotlight spread at a glance, and determine in which issue they wanted to run their ad. I did illustrations for most of these columns, occasionally using clip art or stock images.

Billboard Radio Seminar and Awards

Billboard's Radio Conference and Seminar was an annual event, one of many conferences hosted by the magazine for music industry professionals. Every Billboard conference needed a cut-out coupon designed within the ad. This was before online registration became a standard (believe it or not, this was around 12 years ago...the web has come a long way....!).
Below the full page ad are both sides of the unfolded brochure mailer. When folded, the mailer had a blank flap for address labels and postage, saving envelope costs. As with the ad, a tear-away coupon was included.