Monday, February 27, 2012

Product Placement Fun

You see it all the time in film and television, even in video games. It's called product placement. One of the most blatant examples in film that I can recall was in Moonraker, when the cable car crashes through the station wall, revealing a giant 7UP billboard overhead. More subtle approaches are when a film shoots a car chase sequence and every car is a Plymouth or Chevy. Ever notice how one year Bond is driving an Aston Martin, then in his next film it's a Toyota, and another a Mustang? You can see it in Madden NFL and other games - cross promotions with Snickers, Pontiac and Reebok. Manufacturers will pay to have their brands advertised in your product, one way or another.
For this small film pitch, the client showed Chrysler, HTC, American Airlines, and other brands how they would be "promoted" as part of the story.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scrooge Floor Drawings

Here is another floor drawing that I started in order to get the kids away from the TV. They love drawing alongside me on their own creations as I split up the paper and spread out the supplies. It also serves to get me off my keister and start planning my next studio session.

Long John Silver Returns at Last!!

I recently watched "Treasure Island" with Charlton Heston and a young Christian Bale. If you haven't seen this yet, it is probably because it was broadcast on HBO about twenty something years ago, and only now is released on DVD ( Artists will instantly notice the color palette is heavily influenced by NC Wyeth's "Treasure Island" illustrations. Striking is the resemblance between his Old Pew painting and the portrayal by Christopher Lee. With a cast including Olvier Reed as Billy Bones, Julian Glover as Dr. Livesey, and Heston himself, this one is my favorite interpretation of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic. Heston is not to be missed here. His son Fraser Heston directed, and did a bang-up job. Music by the Chieftans.
I did a few fountain pen drawings of my own pirates while watching the film. Always a pleasure.
My all time favorite audio book reading is by Kier Dullea (2001: A Space Odyssey). You can get it off iTunes to replace your old cassette copy like I did. Unfortunately it is an abridged version. No one captivates me with voices as much as Dullea reading this tale. Every time I listen to this audio book I am inspired to start drawing. I have a fat folder somewhere in my closet loaded with studies I did years ago when I first played it. One of these days I will post them.

More Scrooge Studies

A few more Scrooge studies, made on vellum for some reason. One was with Koh-i-nor brown drawing ink, the other with Dr. Martin's Bombay.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

More of the Tree House

Part of my visual development for one of my personal projects. Made with a Prismacolor Col-Erase Scarlet Red pencil. I picked up the red pencils again last year to help speed along some of my storyboard roughs. I switch supplies frequently so I can keep moving when I get stuck. Unlike many illustrators, I do not have a "technique" for all my jobs. I approach each assignment with the media that might best serve the idea at the time.