Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Devious Maids" and Jason Derulo Promo Appears in AMC Theaters Nationwide

This promo spot for the second season of Lifetime's "Devious Maids" has recently been broadcast on television and the web. 

Directed by the talented Joe Nichols, the promo integrates a cool cross- promotion with singer/songwriter Jason Derulo. The party setting is a smart way to revisit these lovely Latinas of Beverly Hills and ponder what secrets they and their rich employers will reveal in the coming season.

In addition to seeing the spot on television and on the web, it was a treat seeing it in the AMC movie theater on 68th and Broadway. My daughter and I were waiting for the movie to begin and we watched it twice within ten minutes. For once I was delighted (and surprised) to see a spot that had meaning for me instead of another mind-numbing commercial for Coke or shutting off your cell-phones. The spot is playing in all AMC theaters across the country. 

I prepped myself for this storyboard assignment by watching as many episodes as I could in the timeframe I was given. It's definitely an entertaining, well told and humorous soap opera with as many twists and turns that one can expect expect to keep the audience interested. Structurally, it turns each beat in all the right places, and seems to build one event over another to impact all the characters. In most cases, the "Maids" aren't quite as devious as their employers, whose shallow short-sightedness is matched only by their narcissistic tendencies. This spot captures all the glamour, luxury, and secrecy of the show, with a little bit of taboo added for fun. 

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