Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Creepy Promo Memories

Some years ago when my wife and I owned our house in Florida, we threw a giant Halloween party. I dug up an old piece of personal promo art I had designed in 1992(!) to use for the invitation. Since then, my wife mentions it every Halloween. Because I have nothing new designed for this spooky holiday, I am sharing it here. If you can't tell, it was inspired partly by Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein illustrations (mentioned in my previous "Frankenstein Month" post) and early New England gravestone rubbings. The entire piece was pen and ink, using probably a 102 and a 107 drawing nib, an A-5 lettering nib, and higgins black india ink on cheapo 2-ply bristol board. Original size is 13.5 w x 13 h inches. See the original thumbail below (about 2" square). I am also including a ghoulish Art-Nouveau zombie woman (appox. 4x4" ) that I made into a rubber stamp for decorating the envelopes of promo mailers.

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