Thursday, September 13, 2012

 My jpg of multiple storyboard roughs seen as combined layers

While working on a recent commercial spot in Photoshop, I generated roughs on multiple layers and used a script command to output all layers to individual jpgs. I often work this way when doing roughs for approval.

When I turned on all the layers at once, I was surprised at the exciting results. The frame reminded me of a Jackson Pollock or Kandinsky painting. It is refreshing to know that embedded within my commercial skills set there lies the fruit of such a dynamic and perhaps more interesting visual result.

I see this as an important reminder that when deadlines are over I must persevere to constantly expand and refine my skills and intellect, for when combined in the service of one another, skill and intellect create interesting art.

Willem de Kooning, Light in August, 1947

In addition to staying sharp by painting, drawing and practicing - an artist remains vital by creating new projects, developing new opinions, and bringing them to life, no matter the media, shape or form.

Rico Lebrun, Crucifixion, 1958
Meeting deadlines is great. It is the essential for professionals to thrive in their chosed industry - whether as storyboard artist, illustrator, designer, whatever. But scheduling time for self-study is equally necessary.  

Marc Davis, Queequeg Pursuing Moby Dick, 1956

I could not help but be inspired after this little happy accident. It has reinvigorated my sense of study and prodded me to revisit the works of my favorite masters - artists who when I look at their work give me the feeling that I am being treated to an insight into the greatest creative minds on Earth. They are able to reach me by the way they splash paint, arrange colors, formulate designs and manipulate graphics... and most of all, the way they evoke my emotional response.

Kandinsky, Black Spot, 1912 

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