Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blick "Drink and Draw" with Dr. Sketchy, Grumbacher and Canson

 Amazing Grace - Burlesque models in real life 

I recently represented Grumbacher Art Supplies at the "Drink and Draw" Grand Opening party of Blick Art Supplies new art store on 6th avenue and 20th street. Grumbacher supplied color pencils and markers from their Polycolor line to all participants of the 5- 1/2 hour life drawing sessions. Canson reps Kyle, Ed, Arthur and Jon joined us to promote their excellent paper supplies. 

The dedicated students...

All who registered for the opulent event were rewarded with some of the best models on the planet, courtesy of Dr. Sketchy's  Anti-Art School. In addition, generous goody bags were stuffed with Canson sketchbooks, Grumbacher pencils and charcoal. For a class that cost $5.00, the participants received at least 40 bucks of supplies, hot and cold catered food and a great open bar stocked with beer and soft drinks. Where can you find a bargain like that? 

Dr. Sketchy's costumed models are professional burlesque dancers, as evidenced by three of the most outstanding specimens of female grace, poise discipline and showmanship I've ever seen. I've drawn thousands of models in the course of my education and career, no exaggeration. Parsons, The Passalacqua School, Art Lab at Snug Harbor, Salmagundi Club, Art Students League, Disney University, Crealdi - I've been around. Melissa Dowell, Dr. Sketchy's Creative Coordinator,  and her team set up the stage, poses and time for each session. The DJ, (yes, there was even an ultra-cool lady DJ) was spinning great tunes, and even played Adam Ant for me by request. The whole affair seemed to be effortless and on auto-pilot, although I am sure experience and careful planning had a lot to do with it.

Statuesque trio

If art supplies are your fancy, check out the Canson line of sketchbooks and watercolor paper. You can't go wrong with products so thoughtfully manufactured and distributed worldwide, starting in 1557. Their 150 lb Illustration paper is the bomb, and the 9x 12 "Repositionable" Art Book is my new favorite. The spiral-bound book has pre-perforated pages that can be removed and re-ordered without the mess of frayed scraps. Treat yourself to one and see what I mean. When choosing drawing implements I am again reminded of the impressive quality of Chartpak brands. Grumbacher has charcoal sticks available in 4 grades from extra soft to hard. I find soft the most versatile and have used it for blocking broad shapes and values in my storyboard work. I use a paper "blending stump" to get a smooth area and rub out the highlights with an eraser and eraser shield. 

Canson Repositionable Art Book
and Koh-I-Nor Cedar-Wood Color Pencils

The Koh-I-Noor line makes my favorite colored pencils. The Polycolor 12 pack are oil-based and encased in cedar wood; they are smooth, rich and go down heavy. Their cousins, the Koh-I-Noor Woodless Color Pencils, are easily as smooth. They have a lacquer coating which I love, but don't be upset if they break in half when drawing. I am not one for lining up my pencils when I work. I  dump them on the floor, use them up, break 'em and sharpen the pieces as needed. The students loved them. 

Banquet of food.
Most came to draw....some came to eat.
Blick's recent partnership with Utrecht Art Stores should prove to be interesting. Both carry a great range of supplies, seem to have good customer service and knowledgeable staff, and remind me how much I love shopping for "analog" supplies.

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