Monday, September 18, 2017

The House of Dark Shadows with a View

The second watercolor study at Lyndhurst
I recently seized the last days of summer by taking my watercolor set to Lyndhurst mansion in Tarrytown, NY. The gothic mansion and it's property was last owned by railroad tycoon Jay Gould, and passed to his family until it was entrusted to the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1961.

Historic trees flank the pathway
to the Lyndhurst mansion
Railroad tycoon Jay Gould was the
third owner of this Gothic skyline.

Older folks might recognize the mansions gables from two Dark Shadows movies from the early 1970's. I skipped the inside tour, avoiding the ghost of Barnabus Collins. Instead I hiked the property looking for good spots to paint.

I started small to warm up,
but for me working big is
more rewarding with watercolor.

I discovered a breathtaking landscape replete with beautiful apple orchards, a rose garden, a conservatory, a carriage house and a 2-lane bowling alley (it's a little known fact that railroad tycoons AND vampires like to hit the tenpins).

Serene and beautiful settings in every direction

The grounds are accessible and free to the public, but there is a $5.00 parking fee. For me, it was worthwhile for a few hours of painting. Working on location on palatial properties like this is stimulating, where the beautiful surroundings influence me to higher aspirations and promising results.

Bowling alley gets its own building near the Hudson

Please don't pick the apples

Lyndhurst has a web site which you can review here: If you get a chance to visit, you might spot me in front of a tree or near the river with my brushes. I will definitely return to see the Halloween and Christmas themed events.

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